CARL DE ROME would personally like to thank all members of THE BLACKPOOL MAGICIANS CLUB Plc. and it's owner DEREK LEVER M.I.M.C.  C.U.N.T. Organisers of the WORLD'S LARGEST MAGIC CONVENTION, for their extra special support and for all the great publicity generated by their convention organizer, DEREK LEVER M.I.M.C, C.U.N.T. giving Carl de Rome the prestigious honour of being the MOST TALKED ABOUT MAGICICAL ENTERTAINER EVER IN THE BLACKPOOL MAGICIANS CLUB'S 60 year old history.

THANK YOU to all followers of D.L.

And I am looking forward to receiving the Murray Award very soon!

Carl de Rome started performing magic at the age of 10 by doing shows in their family's hotel in Morecambe a small holiday destination in the north west of England, Progressing to performing the main clubs in the north of England, In the summer of 1977 he was performing in Denmark when he visited Norway for the first time, and has made Norway his home ever since.

Carl de Rome & Merete are Europe's top International Illusion act. The shows are suitable for any venue all over the world. So take a front row seat and get ready for the world’s best Illusions that normally are only ever seen on Television specials or live in Las Vegas USA.

Modern Illusions performed right in front of the people's eyes and up close.

Call Now for availability and get ready for an unforgettable night of pure magic that may shock you, may frighten you, but above all will certainly entertain you.

The show has to be seen to be believed, The show that gets any crowd in a great mood for the whole evening. The show that is non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

Ideal for all clients from prestige corporate events to Nightclubs, Festivals and Theatre performances.


Carl de Rome and Merete have been stunning audiences all over Scandinavia for the past 20 plus years with their unbelievable illusion shows in Top Nightclubs, Discotheques, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Theatres and television for the past 9 years performing there live how at all the top security prisons all around the country the only problem with working for prisons is that there is always the inmates that want me to “teach them how to escape".

They have to their credit one of the largest collection of Stage illusions in the whole of Europe, some of which are exclusive to them.

Each show lasts between 10 -25 - 40 minutes, (or can be tailored to suit any individual clients requirements, All Carl de Rome’s shows are put together especially for today's modern audiences that insist on that something extra special. Shows can be performed either on stage, or as they prefer, totally surrounded by the public on any dance floor, this completely takes away any notion that there could be any camera tricks or mirrors used.

Over the past 20 years Carl de Rome and Merete have been working non-stop all over Scandinavia with clubs and companies booking them year after year for their events and product launches.

At the start of 2012 Carl de Rome and Merete were especially invited by the organiser to bring their top Illusion show to the United Kingdom for the first time in 35 years, and perform as the main act at the Southern England Magic Convention in Bournemouth, The largest magic convention in the south of England. The act stormed the convention and was the main talking point of many magicians on magic forums and all over England long after the event.

Carl de Rome is now looking forward to being back at this event in 2013 as special guest of the SEMC.